With the assistance of our special events taxi service, any event can be a success. Whether you're going to a concert, conference, or private event, Romford Taxi & Cab ensures that you and your guests will be transported efficiently and on time. Due to our dedication to dependability and high-quality service, we meticulously plan and carry out event transportation, allowing you to enjoy the event without worrying about getting there or getting home. Our contemporary taxis and skilled drivers are prepared to improve your event experience whether it is a small gathering or a large event.


With the personalized wedding taxi service from Romford Taxi & Cab, you can celebrate your special day in style. Romford Taxi & Cab know how important smooth and elegant transportation is on your wedding day, so our fleet of taxis is created to complement your celebrations. The smooth transition between venues is made possible by our kind drivers and roomy vehicles, freeing you and your guests to enjoy the happy occasion. We go to great lengths to ensure that the vehicle you use to get around on your wedding day is just as lovely and special as the rest of your celebrations. You can rely on us to add elegance to your wedding and produce lifelong memories.

Airport Transfer

Take advantage of our specialized airport taxi service for unrivaled comfort. We at Romford Taxi & Cab understand how crucial a smooth airport transfer is. Romford Taxi & Cab offer prompt, effective, and comfortable transportation to and from the airport thanks to our expertly crafted modern fleet and trained drivers. We take great pride in being on time, so you will arrive at your terminal with plenty of time to spare. Our company is always at your disposal, whether you're a frequent traveler or taking a well-earned vacation.


The customized airport taxi service from Romford Taxi & Cab will enhance your corporate travel experience. For corporate outings and business events, Romford Taxi & Cab specializes in offering knowledgeable and dependable transportation. Your team will travel in comfort and be productive thanks to the cutting-edge amenities in our contemporary fleet. We easily adapt to your schedule so you can concentrate on your business goals while on the move, with our knowledgeable drivers and effective logistics.

Hospital Transfer

You can count on our caring hospital transfer service in times of emergency. Romford Taxi & Cab is aware of the importance of prompt and secure transportation to medical facilities. You won't experience any stress when you arrive at your medical appointments because of the ease and expertise of our trained drivers. Our top priority is your health, so whether you need to go to a hospital for routine check-ups, consultations, or treatments, Romford Taxi & Cab offer a seamless transfer process.

Sports Transfer

Use our specialized sports transfer service to enhance your on-field performance. Romford Taxi & Cab cares about the transportation requirements of athletes and sports teams, and Romford Taxi & Cab are aware of this. Your trip to your sporting event will be simple and hassle-free because our modern taxis can handle sporting equipment. Our seasoned drivers prioritize punctuality and efficiency so that you can arrive ready to give it your all on the pitch, whether it's for a game, practice session, or tournament..

Sightseeing Tour

Utilize our informative sightseeing tour service to discover the natural beauty and cultural richness of Romford. You can explore the most well-known landmarks and hidden gems in comfort and style thanks to the meticulously planned and curated tours provided by Romford Taxi & Cab. Our knowledgeable and amiable drivers serve as tour guides, enlivening your journey with facts and anecdotes about the locations you visit. Our cutting-edge taxis are the ideal mode of transportation for a memorable and educational sightseeing adventure, whether you're a single traveler, a couple, or a group.